Why do some brands stand out from the crowd? Obviously they communicate somehow their message in a better, more effective way.

Good design and strong brand identity is the face of you brand to the world. It’s how you want people or potential customers to perceive you. Unfortunately a cheap logo or a poorly designed leaflet on a cheap paper harms your brand more than you think.  You can realize this when you hold a piece of high quality and sophisticated brochure or a business card. You can immediately feel that this particular brand has something to say.

A poorly designed logo or brochure harms your brand more than you think.Design is the core of your brands philosophy to the world.

Good graphic design and good branding, means putting your best outfit and put yourself in a good shape in order to go to a glamorous event. Who wants to go to the prom of the year wearing slippers?

Please, don’t leave your brand naked. Let’s build an identity or a piece of content that not only will communicate the message you want to say but also will leave a positive impact for your brand in the long term.

Brand identity design.

Logo design, color palette for you brand, business cards, folders, notepads, letterheads and other relevant stationery. Everything has to be designed to communicate a strong brand out to the audience. Your first contact with the customer has to be impressive.

Logo is the face of your business to the world. Brands with strong logos make impact and are memorable. A strong brand identity defines your brand to the world. A successful brand identity is when you see a product or service without a logo and you still recognize the brand.

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Print design.

Brochures, leaflets, menus advertising posters, booklet design, outdoor banner and signs. A simple approach is what we aim to achieve, communicating messages without heavy and busy graphics. We people are bombarded daily with heavy information, colors and busy graphics.

Our methodology is a more minimal approach to achieve better communication and easy digested information. A simple design that will properly communicate your products and services.

brochure design

Digital design.

With digital advertising dominating the marketing world, the simple and direct design to fit on small screens has become essential. Digital brochures for mobile screen are essential. Simplified banners and strong Facebook posts have now become very important in order to win the attention of the mobile user.

Digital environment has the full attention of the modern consumers.
Your design has to adapt, communicate and drive engagement in a true digital battlefield.