I believe in another way of marketing. Some traditional methods might still work for some markets. But our era became harsher and people have lost their affection with brands. People do not stay loyal with brand and there is a good reason for that.

People’s attention is clearly on the handheld screen. Brands are trying hard to promote and sell their products online with day to day advertising. There is something wrong with that. Scrolling down one ad after the other, closing one banner after the other, drives people crazy and obviously this will not built you an audience, following or sales.

My methodology and different approach regarding the digital environment suggests that we have to take over the opportunity of social channels and get really social. Valuable and exciting content sharing towards the proper audience will build you the following crowd that will eventually buy from you because they just believe in your brand and products.

For me there is no point for seasonal advertising campaigns. People forget very easy since we are bombarded with ad everywhere. 365 days of simple marketing tricks and messages will keep a brand relevant and on the foreground forever.

We don’t believe in fast sales or fast cash. We aim in the long term development of you brand with creating brand that people will trust forever. People have lost their trust over brands who are constantly trying to manipulate their perception in order to buy.

Marketing is about values.
Steve Jobs.

People need brands they can trust.

Me and the experts i work with, use all the digital tools and platforms to identify your audience and try to create a true connection with people. Social media and other digital mediums offer a great opportunity for this to happen. Take advantage of this now.

We believe in 365 digital strategy. A strategy that wins in the long term, makes your brand great and creates loyalty over time. If you want to create an audience, customer loyalty and forever growing sales, let’s talk.