We conduct a thorough evaluation about your brands weaknesses, strengths and opportunities come up with a suggested plan. A marketing strategy that will include some of the featured packages in a combination or customized. We always try to give the best options within your budget. You can also choose yourself a package and start right ahead. 

Our free evaluation might help!

Outsourced Marketing officer.

In another scenario we provide a more tailored solution to your company implementing various services to your company, working closely with your team, acting like an in-house marketing department. The outsourced Marketing Officer option allows both sides to work closely, exchange ideas, implement strategies and refine procedures for customer acquisition and customer journey-service.

“This is the greatest era for marketing your business. Missing this opportunity will only bring regret in the future.”

Graphic design and branding.

My passion in creating great corporate identities, attractive and direct graphic communication through simple design is a huge value for you. Your brand needs to stand out and only great graphic work can do that. Branding is our passion above all. Online or offline you have to make sure your brand looks good.

Check our our design and branding portfolio.

Social media.

The most efficient and economic way to create brand awareness and boost sales. The fact is this. We people are stuck on the screen all day long. The attention of people is on mobile screens. You cannot be missing this opportunity. Social media is the greatest tool ever to grow your brand awareness, create connections with customers, engage with them, feel them and eventually sell. This is how sales and customer service work now.

“If your brand is not online then it simply doesn’t exist. Oh, and maybe missing the train.”

Google marketing.

Google ads and search engine marketing are good online strategy that will drive the proper customer to you. If you are working with business to business model (B2B) or business to customer, a huge opportunity is lying here. Google marketing campaigns along with our tricks can do magic for your business.

Email marketing.

If you believe that email marketing is  useless then most probably you deliver emails to the wrong people. From another point of view companies send annoying emails to people that will never buy from them. A proper email marketing has impressive sales rates, bigger than you can expect. The simple tactic here is patience to build the proper email list.

“Email marketing has more success rate than you think. Ask how to make it better your own.”

Content creation.

Creating content and distribution to multiple channels is a great value to you potential customer. Blogging and news updates can be very useful for a customer looking for the right brand to buy from. Bring customers to your website from your valuable, SEO ready blog posts. Also the creation of e-books, digital brochures available to download are key features you can share with the potential customer and showcase your product or expertise.

“Quality content is the strategy.”


There are people out there that can push your product in the right market. Influencers are great to promote you product fast and direct to the right people. Social media has great influence on people and this high following accounts can sell almost everything. Find the right one and go ahead.

Website design & management.

Someone has to design a website and someone has to keep your website up to date. Ensure you get found on the Google searches. Updating your website often is important as well as having an interesting blog uploading interesting updates for your audience. Remember that the website is your online profile and presence. Make sure you will impress when someone reaches out. Make sure he knows he is at the right place.

SEO and good content will do magic.