Marketing ideas for private schools and institutions.

Published by George Klitou on

If you are a teacher, private tutor, or a private institution owner, these are some marketing strategies to follow if you wish to grow your audience and sales for the long term.

The pillar of your marketing strategy. Gaining trust. It’s all about building trust.

Parents will make the decision to register their kids to your institution based on who they trust more. Trust is what you need to build throughout your online strategy and communication channels. You need to create content to reach candidate customers (parents) during their research period and not only.

 Besides trust, there is another principle that you have to pass to your audience. The fact that you care. Of course you care about your students, but you need to communicate this too. You will achieve both using simple marketing techniques and approaches and then registrations to your institution or school will only grow.

 Yes, internet and social media are the tools to use. During a customer’s journey for the ideal school, the first thing he will reach is your strong online presence with quality and valuable content.  Second comes the face to face meeting for parents to meet the candidate teacher or institution for their precious little mastermind.

 Take advantage of the digital platforms in order to advice, educate parents about things that matter the most for them. Your strategy should be to share your knowledge in order to convince the parent that your institution is the best for, that you know what you are doing, and also care.

How you do that?

Website and SEO with a strong Blog page.

A fully functioning, easy to navigate website with precious content that any parent will be interested to read. Blog is gold for that reason.

Write posts related to how you work with the kids, what is your philosophy, where you focus more as a teacher. Besides your strategy is good to give advice to parents related to parenting and daily education. How can they get the most out of their children? How you can make a child stay focus?How to be more efficient when studying? How to communicate with their children?The subjects are endless. Get your website up and start your weekly blog. The more the articles, the more visitors you will have on your website and eventually more prospects. Deliver newsletters to current and future customers.

Social media.

The use of social media channels is mandatory to develop trust and show care and the most effective way to communicate your message on a daily basis.Social media can be used either to share the blogs of your website or create paid campaigns to drive website traffic using an interesting article you have prepared. Make sure you have a well-designed website, fast to load and easy to navigate especially on mobile.

Using social media, you can share infographics, statistics and studies related to education and how these can be applied by parents to kids. Remember. Your customer is the parent. You have to make sure that you share valuable content that they will appreciate can use for their parenting. Share stories, funny moments from school. Share puzzles and questions from kids’ books. These games can be fun for parents to solve as well. Posts with puzzles on social media usually have good engagement. You can ask primary school physics questions or history questions to tease the parents who usually know it all. 😊

Some other content can be related to inspiring stories of successful students or famous entrepreneurs. Quotes inspire people a lot and you should use them also on your daily social posts. Children nutrition and development tactics can also be interesting for parents. Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are the platforms you should focus on.


Last but not least the use of a newsletter, where you can deliver similar content but also updates and events of the school, it’s a must. Create a list for you current customers and a list with the people that subscribe from your website. That right, your future customers.


Although this is a short article it focuses on the most important things regarding your school’s marketing strategy. And that would be your strong website, always along with the consistent social media marketing. Invest on your websites blog, content in general, and the easy navigation of it. Create content and make sure is delivered to every single parent of your area.