Why a strong presence on Facebook is essential for every organization. Even if you are B2B.

Published by George Klitou on

If you believe your company doesn’t need Facebook marketing? You are missing a big opportunity here.

Technology nowadays brings so many changes to communication and social media became a mandatory communication and a marketing channel. Without a doubt is the place where all the attention of the world is, spending hours every day scrolling. More and more businesses are investing the bigger part of their budget online, every year.

Social media is a huge part of this world of marketing and communication. Elections have been won by social channels. Corporations are in absolute need of a long-term powerful presence on social media in an era where you already have to overcome yourself, use a serious amount of time and money just to stay on the surface and not get drowned in the feed of thousands of posts.

One of the most usual headaches of businesses is on which social media channels they should concentrate their efforts. That’s totally normal. Each social channel has specific characteristics, different audience,  it’s own way of communication and finally a different creative approach.

Having a strong authentic online presence, organizations should not mainly focus on pushing sales but to build their brand, their name and reputation, their audience.

We are a Business to Business, we don’t need Facebook.

In many cases I hear the excuse from entrepreneurs and business owners saying they don’t need Facebook presence because they are a B2B corporation.

To me this is a huge mistake nowadays. They come up with the excuse that this platform is not for their audience. The reality is that indeed some platforms are more effective for specific demographics.

Below I explain why I believe all corporations need Facebook presence and a strategy. But before jumping to that point, I want to spend some lines on the long term strategy I believe should be executed over the social media and that it’s the core thesis of the social media marketing, digital marketing and sales for every organization.

Having a strong authentic online presence, organizations should not mainly focus on pushing sales but to build their brand, their name and reputation, their audience. Brand awareness should be your main purpose. Bombarding the audience with your amazing offers, sales, services or speaking about how great things you do, is not going to work for long. People need leader brands that share a common purpose, that inspire them. Brands that want to connect with them, like friends. People follow brands that give value to them, not just take their money.

So why all organizations need Facebook?

Simply because almost every person you know is connected. The attention of people is there. The business owners, entrepreneurs, CEO’s, directors, workers, accountants, managers, typists, teachers, web developers, everybody. Everybody uses the platform daily. Facebook has without a doubt all the attention of the world.

So, you can’t be missing the opportunity to reach and talk to all these people. Most probably you won’t have everyone’s attention but if few of them believe in your product or service and refer you either to their bosses or friends, then you have won. You have created awareness. You are now visible. Your voice has been heard.

Everyone needs social media.

For the exactly above reason, all organizations need to communicate on social media. Companies cannot afford missing the ultimate opportunity to speak up for their brand 356 days a year and enhance their presence towards millions of users. The correct voice, the creative and proper targeting are important whatever the case is.

This is why is essential to be on multiple social channels. Don’t put your eggs in one basket.

As history tells, all communication media die after some time. Some may be lost after time, losing their dynamic, on the other hand some may raise and become greater than ever. Besides the really old Myspace and Hi5, more recent examples include Twitter, Snapchat (after Instagram used acquired features) Tumblr, are just some examples of showing decrease. Some of them have already introduced new features and add-ons to recover the fall. Something similar happens for few decades know with magazines, newspapers, radio and TV.

This is the main reason you need to have your eggs in more than one basket. Try to be active on as much social and digital channels as possible. Spent some time and budget on building your audience, enhance your brand’s awareness wherever possible. Try more and different channels. Try to find out where you can be more effective with a louder voice and impact.

In an opposite case, let’s say in case you are only operating your marketing through one channel, there is always a possibility to collapse or have the attention move somewhere else. If something goes wrong with the only channel that brings you leads, you need to have a backup. If you are strongly active on multiple channels then you might have a chance.

History showed again that at any time a social network can become huge. If you have a strong presence early, then you definitely have the chances with you. Experiment with stuff. Similar thing happened with social channels like YouTube and Instagram that gained fast and huge growth and accounts that were dominating in the early stages just exploded in few days.

Find most relevant social networks for your business.

As I said is important to take advantage of as many social networks as possible. But is also your responsibility to know where to concentrate your efforts. Being an all-star in all of them is almost impossible. Surely you already know where your business is aiming, so build up your brand accordingly but you never leave Facebook out.