What should be your goal when posting on social media? Why not every company succeeds on social media marketing?

Published by George Klitou on

If you are an owner of a business you have already realized the importance of marketing of your business though social media and digital environment in general. We see so many new brands and products pop-up, grow with millions of sales and revenue. Some companies are built on social media and in many cases they become viral from a single video and saw growth in just few days.

What should be your goal when posting on social media? Why not every company succeeds on social media marketing?

Nothing is random. They succeed because they have a massive distribution of good and valuable content ( remember the words – Good and Valuable content) on the internet and they have realized the importance of having a strong- steady online voice.Now, the important thing is not that they have realized the opportunity of online marketing and brand awareness but that they have managed to have a continuous strategy making their voice loud and showing their expertise and talent, their unique product or service.

To execute a social media strategy as a business owner or an in-house office administrator, can be both time consuming and hard to get creative in many times. The main reason is many business owners have so many operational things to take care about and they leave the marketing actions on the side. In the best case scenario they just do random posts or shares on social media, waiting for magic to happen. Magic doesn’t happen like this, or in one night. Business owners who don’t have any marketing assistance, lack of clear thinking and thus a proper strategy and creativity when they decide to prepare and share something to their audience.

What should be your goal when posting on social media?

So what you need to post on social media ? We, the users use social media for three reasons. Get social, entertain ourselves and educate ourselves. Your content has this three main pillar strategies to be created.

Get social. Like friends do on social media.

More posts as possible on every platform you know your audience is on. Be active, be social, make three, five, ten posts per week. Don’t overdo it though. Content is important (see next points). Open conversations, ask questions (see Twitter, Facebook), share thoughts, videos and creatives. Is important for brands and companies to be approachable and engage into conversations with customers, ask for reviews, reply to bad reviews and all comments. The audience feels better when knowing there is humans behind this organization. Make yourself approachable.


Social media users are there to entertain their self  in the bus, at the break, on the couch etc. They look for new, funny, surprising, engaging content to like and share with friends. It’s sometimes a time killer. Make them enjoy your posts. Be friendly, funny sometimes and show your human values behind your brand. Be approachable. Always according to your product or service market. You don’t always need to entertain, but you can still be friendly and human.

Educate. Give value to the audience.

People love educational content on social media. In fact many of us follow brands, cooks, athletes, artists and professionals to learn how they do it. We love to get something out of every piece of online content. And this is a great strategy actually, if not the best. Because sharing information, aiming to educate, update on a subject is how you create trust around your brand. Create trust by giving valuable insides and show your expertise in your field or something relevant.

I am a huge believer in this because the truth is that before a stranger buys from you he needs to be almost sure that you are the right person or company. And this will be achieved by giving him value upfront. Similar to what I am doing now for you.

Don’t try to sell all the time.

A huge mistake some companies make is posting 5-6 posts per week only about their product and trying to push sales. This can be annoying because many followers don’t need to buy your t-shirts, or cars, of bathrooms, of business services every week. You need to find other valuable posts to share based on the strategies mentioned before.

I hope you enjoyed this short article and saved the points already. Entertain. Educate. Socialize.