Why you should stop spending money on billboard advertising and go all in online.

Published by George Klitou on

Do you still spend your advertising budget on billboards or similar outdoor mediums?

The truth is that many businesses still use traditional media along with the new to promote their brand all over. Usually those are the businesses that have huge advertising budgets and they take advantage of billboards, TV, radio, internet and generally everywhere.

Spend on billboards only if you can.

But if you are a small to a medium size company spending money on billboards, then I have the right to believe that you might throw your money into the bin and that you haven’t totally realized the incredible potential of advertising and building your brand awareness online with a small budget and sometimes even for free. That’s is right , we live in an era where your brand can get discovered to the other edge of the world only by distributing ads and sharing content through various online media platforms. Your brand has to bet where the attention of the consumer is.

People commute and travel a lot. It’s true. Outdoors ads have their purpose, but the main point I want to make here is that even when traveling-commuting, people’s attention is still on their screen. We see people traveling by bus or by car or train and they are stuck on the screen.

The technology has created a new habit if you want and people take advantage the traveling time to get social, catch-up with news, entertain themselves, or do some work on their devices.

Online is where the communication of the brand with the consumer can become a routine, build relationship, entertain, inform or educate.

The attention is digital.

Stop for a while and think about yourself. Where is your attention as a passenger? It will become even scarier when you will realize that sometimes you check out your mobile device even while driving . That is the reality about people’s attention right now and as soon as you realize it, you will stop wasting your money on worthless mediums and focus making an impact online.

To be fair now, in many cases, billboard campaigns can have a good impact on commuters. Sometimes the creative is so well executed and can have the people’s attention. A billboard campaign can have a good impact but usually this is achieved with additional advertisements on other mediums. This is usually achieved when big brands want to raise awareness and obviously have the budget just to be there and remind you their purpose. Well if your company has a good budget, billboard it’s definitely the extra mile. But you are not going to build audience or keep your market really engaged with a billboard. I believe in this, because we now have the digital world where magic can happen for your brand. Here is where the communication of the brand with the consumer can become a routine, build relationship, entertain, inform or educate. And that’s how trust is built between the brand and the consumer.  That is how a customer will eventually decide to become a fan or buy from you.

Without a doubt the attention of people is on the mobile screen now and luckily it’s still a much cheaper way to advertise. We should all take advantage of this before it changes. Definitely after sometime it will happen. Think about it; Facebook already reduces the organic reach of posts and is already more expensive to advertise than two years ago. YouTube already replaces TV especially for new generations. No need to mention anything about the huge Instagram and stories, but also Snapchat.

The game of advertising has changed. Make the change and adapt as soon as possible. An incredible opportunity lies online for you and your brand and is a good deal.