If you own a brand and you are on social media creating competition campaigns I would suggest you read this 3 minute thoughts.

Published by George Klitou on

Many brands including owners, social media managers, and agencies are applying contest strategy for their Facebook page, and we see this becoming more intense in periods where the market is up, like Christmas holiday etc. Traditionally this practice works to some point and will help a brand reach more people and win attention over the platform because of shares, likes, comments and page likes (the actions requested for participation)

Although is a traditional Facebook practice and agree that one or twice per year can be helpful for a brand to spread the word if is well executed (targeting and creative), I strongly believe that brands should avoid overdoing it with this method for two reasons. I want to be clear on that, I am not saying that this practice doesn’t work or I shouldn’t be used – I would personally apply it on special occasions –but I want to share my point of view on how brands should act on Facebook for the long-term to create valuable following. Below are the points I want to make.

Below are points I want to make.

Facebook algorithm downgrades this kind of posts. But you will have to pay of course.The tech giant in an algorithm update (2018) has announced via Mr.Zuckerberg that Facebook will downgrade this kind of intrusive posts that aim to “fool” or “trick” users into an action resulting more “unfair for the market” visibility to the post.

In addition they announced that they will prioritize on our news feeds the social centric posts enhancing more personal relations. They try to make the newsfeed more personal, allowing more interaction between friends and generally help users that are more likely to interact with each other.

This means less organic visibility for brands who are trying to reach more users by tricking them to comment, share or like their post to enter either a competition or just to engage with an organic post. But of course, thanks god (Facebook in this case) for the intruders there is the paid campaign option.

This could do well for visibility but in my humble opinion it usually makes your brand look more like the rest – who only want to trick people for the sake of a like or a following. You can realize it yourself that 90% of people commenting, sharing or liking your competition post do it for another 53 brands hoping for a free item. Yes, this is the kind of “brand awareness” you are building. Brands online, should be much bigger than this.

With methods like this, you add zero value to your brand. You are not building an audience or fans but only attract the attention of random people who take their chances for a free item. Ok, in a good case scenario you can attract possible fans or a small proper audience for your brand. Have you ever though why we only follow few brands or company accounts and not everybody out there. Because I am sure almost everybody can offer something for free to us.

We follow brands we trust, brands that inspire us, brands who are in line with our beliefs and values.

But we also follow brands that just offer solutions to us. Simple everyday solutions to our problems. Finally we follow brands that bring us pleasure and entertainment.We don’t like the intruders, the annoying companies asking for our attention interrupting our chilling time begging for a like.

This is a similar scenario to the traditionally TV ad, when in most of the cases you just change the channel or go take a piss. In the social media environment you just scroll faster.

Brands need to become more social centric.

Brands need to become more social centric. They must aim to inspire to get followers and dedicated fans. Real fans are returning customers, but also a super great live asset and a voice for your brand to the rest of the world. People trust other people before trusting a brand.

Brands should start acting more like a friend rather than someone who just want our money, focusing to bring real value to the world before asking for money. If you want to build a long-term successful brand maybe you have to rethink a new social media approach, another way to communicate and engage with your target audience.

I would advise that you take this strategy change seriously because brands can grow huge on social media and I see that in the next few year’s only brands following this kind of methods will grow and eventually survive the screen attention battle.