365 days of marketing.

Published by George Klitou on

Unfortunately, still in our days many companies underestimate the power of long term marketing. In most of the cases companies execute random campaigns couple of times per year and expect big results. The truth is that in this fast paced and hostile internet environment, a couple of campaigns (either online or offline) per year won’t bring much results. People see so much every day and forget very fast. Companies should invest in a day to day marketing plan – 365 days per year.

Organizations have to be current and always in the foreground.

Luckily, digital marketing – which is the most effective now –can work for you in a low budget and bring results all year round. Historically companies who invest more in marketing last longer. As you may already know huge corporations like Coca Cola, Starbucks, Lidl never stop their marketing campaigns and are always current and almost on every possible medium all year round. Luckily, nowadays your brand can do the same with 365 digital marketing and in budget.

What is 365 marketing and why brands should take advantage of it?

365 days marketing. Building a long term customer relationship, company awareness in a budget is now possible.

In the old days only coca cola, Starbucks and Nike could afford all year round campaigns. It was only the big corporations that you could see literally on every outdoor banner, TV commercial, stadiums, radio and print. But now things are different. The reason is that most of the audience’s attention has moved to digital.

Advertising before.

Companies would spend tons of money to make a campaign 2-3 times per year. They would reach a number of possible customers from a tank of mixed demographics, hoping that the possible buyer would convert, or just create awareness. Then the campaign would go down and the possible buyer would be reached again after few months. And here I make this point because in 365 marketing your possible lead never stops to see your message.

The traditional advertising has not really changed over time. But obviously is losing track. Ads in print magazine are not considered as much as before (prices are already dropping) . Street banners, the same, TV commercials are getting cheaper. This change is obvious and this is normal as the attention of the audience has shifted from those platforms.

What the new digital era has changed to advertising?

Anyone, literally anyone can advertise in a diy method. We can now target the demographics we want via platforms and using various formats such as blogs, videos, animations, artworks, Gifs etc. I don’t want to expand on the benefits and opportunities digital advertising offers. Instead I write this article to point out that this kind of marketing allows brands to reach daily their potential customers via the social platforms and the web generally.

Daily posts, messages, videos ,offers, product benefits and guides can be shared with a click. We have in our hands so many mediums (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Google) to pass our message free or with low budget campaigns. Before it was magazines, TV and radio but nobody could do it himself and the price was totally different.

The great opportunity is now.

We now have the opportunity to reach out to every single customer (or potential buyer) out there every single day via the social networks. We can engage with them, find out their needs, “inform” them about our product, educate them, entertain them etc. We can have a voice (as a brand) every single day. We have the opportunity to be visible on the consumer’s screen every day.

The great news? It’s almost for free.

This is the 365 marketing companies can follow to create awareness and build audience. Brands who will apply this will eventually become the number one option when the customer wants to buy.Think about it for a while.

Let’s say you have a pizzeria. Imagine now you show on a daily basis your freshly baked pizzas, you release a how to make pizzas guide, share some of the “secrets” , useful and mouthwatering  content on the social channels 365 days of the year (event 300 days would work J )

Now tell me this. Where from, is more likely to buy if one guy fancy a pizza today?  Most probably he will remember only your pizza. Or it will come first on his mind. The reason is because you have won his attention in the long term. He still remembers you because he sees your ads or posts so often. You are there every single day and you are the first pizza that comes to his mind. If your product is good, then you have won a customer.

Two basic things to adopt in your digital marketing efforts.

As many posts as possible daily – in a not aggressive sales approach (contact me if you need to understand more about this, because to me this is a crucial point. Trying to push sales in every post without sharing any value content to the audience can have really bad results.) Do as much as paid campaigns your pocket can take per month. Depending always from things like your industry, if is a local or international business and other variables.